The Joshua 1:2 Home is a detoxification and behavior rehabilitation center. During the detoxification phase of the program, we do not dispense any kind of synthetic drugs for withdrawal symptoms. Instead, we offer alternatives such as one-on-one counseling and motivation to achieve a drug-free condition in the client. While the client is at the Joshua 1:2 Home, they are encouraged to become actively involved in the many activities that we offer. This includes a variety of activities such as positive fellowship with other clients as they participate in Chapel Services, Bible Studies, and Discipleship. Joshua 1:2 Fellowship works with the client’s entire family dynamic to ensure that every aspect of the client’s life is positively integrated.

Phase I – Intake and Introduction

We interview with the client to explain rules and regulations. If the client agrees to follow the rules and shows a desire to participate they have met the criteria for acceptance and are admitted. Detoxification occurs in the first three to seven days.

 Phase II - Home Program

Progress or setbacks the client is having, as well as overall attitude, is assessed by ministry leaders assigned to each client. In this stage, full participation in the schedule is required. This includes wake up time at 6 A.M. and programming throughout the day until 9 P.M. with a scheduled two-hour break from 3-5 P.M. and mandatory lights out at 10:30 P.M. The schedule varies per day but included is chapel service, bible studies, discipleship, book reports and daily chores assigned to each client to encourage responsibility and team work.

Phase III -Pre-Outpatient

If the client demonstrates positive attitude changes in everyday activities, the client may be allowed a pass to go back home as part of the process to reintegrate the client to their home.

 Phase IV - Outpatient Aftercare/Follow-Up

After a minimum of six months has been completed successfully, we encourage the client to pursue one of four options: Employment/Secondary

Education/Vocational Training/Full Time Ministry



Esperanza Zapata

I am a different person since I was in the program,
Jesus took a hold of my life!
The Spirit of God set me free from drug addiction, alcohol...all of the above .
Jesus healed me from HIV!
All Honor and Glory belongs to Jesus!!! I encourage whoever needs a second chance to give an opportunity to the staff at Joshua 1:2 Fellowship


Arnold Lerma

In 2007 I came into these doors broken, divorced and addicted to drugs. Through this program I found a new life in Christ and am now the Youth Pastor at the Joshua 1:2 Fellowship and have a beautiful new family.


Nick Hernandez

For 30 years I was addicted to drugs and a burden to society. In 2007 I met Jesus at the Joshua 1:2 Fellowship and am now a positive role model and a Pastor in ministry.


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